Movement Wisdom

We give you what you really want from yoga.

An intelligent physical practice that works wonders for your body. And a deep spiritual experience that makes life make sense. Join us today and transform your yoga - and your life - from the inside out.

Course Options

Find your yogic path with one of our guided programs

You don't need a thousand different options at your fingertips. A handful of high-quality programs are more than enough.
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The Birth of a Yogi

40 day experience

Discover the heart and soul of yoga as you develop a powerful daily practice over 40 days.
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The Path of a Yogi

200 Hour YTT

Bring incredible depth and understanding to your practice and learn to teach others
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The Life of a Yogi

300 Hour YTT

Create lifelong success and mastery in both your teaching and your practice.


    Learn the secrets of modern movement science and ancient yogic wisdom for the most profound yoga you can experience.


    Enjoy step-by-step teachings that illuminate your yogic path and show you the way forward. No matter where you stand today.


    Share your journey and connect with hundreds of passionate yogis from around the world as you travel along your yogic path.

    Movement × Wisdom = Yoga

    Join us if you want a complete yoga education

    Here's the thing about yoga: Yoga is Movement and Wisdom. It's physical, and spiritual. More than a workout. More than a way to look at the world. Yoga is philosophy in action! And it is this combination of Movement with Wisdom that makes yoga unique, and insanely powerful.

    But there is a problem. Most yoga teachers - even the really good ones - specialize on one or the other. They'll either help you level up your physical practice. Or they live and breathe ancient yogic wisdom. So either you'll miss out big time. Or you're gonna have to invest insane amounts of time and money - like I did - to get everything yoga has to offer.

    It shouldn't be this difficult! That's why we started the Movement Wisdom School of Yoga. It's the only place (we know of) that gives you a complete and profound yoga education. Come join us!

    Free Yoga Class

    Give it a try and see for yourself

    This free 60 min. Vinyasa flow will change the way you think about yoga. Highly recommended, especially if you've never practiced with Jess before.
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    What members love about Movement Wisdom

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    Meet Your Teacher

    To become an industry leader, you need to study with one

    Jess is a professional educator turned yoga teacher with more than 1 Million students from all around the world.
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      Yoga Q&A Podcast

      Deepen and expand your yoga knowledge on the way to class

      Every Wednesday Jess answers real-world questions from her students in the Yoga Q&A Podcast. Candid advice and fascinating excursions into all things yoga.
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