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What makes a yoga teacher incredible?

  1. They know what matters in each pose
  2. They help every student in the room
  3. They teach more than one style of yoga
  4. They change lives with yogic wisdom
  5. They earn good money doing what they love

Movement Wisdom was founded by Jess Rose who has been called "one of the brightest talents in the yoga world." More than 1 Million students from all over the world practice with Jess regularly. Her teachings have been featured in publications like VogueThe Guardian and New York Magazine.


We help independent yoga teachers thrive

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4.88 / 5 rating on Yoga Alliance

This course has taught me so much more than I could have ever asked for. Jess Rose is such an incredible teacher!

Meshelle (graduated in April 2024)

I looked at a ton of different programs and this one checked all the boxes I was looking for.

Tyler (graduated in March 2024)

Take this course if you want great community and great support! You won't regret signing up!

Tajana (graduated in April 2024)

Jess, Viktor, and their team have put together a model of learning that is ONE of a KIND!

Elise (graduated in February 2024)

Signing up for this training was one of the best life choices I could have made.

Katie (graduated in March 2024)

In this course I'm not just a "yoga robot" paying money into a big machine. I really feel a connection with the team behind the platform!

Angela (current student)

The enthusiasm and what you get for your money is just second to none.

Nicole (graduated in November 2023)

Take the course! It's fabulous!!!

Kaye (graduated in December 2023)

I am so grateful to be here and to have found this YTT.

Courtney (current student)

The content of this YTT is SO informative, interesting, and full of passion.

Valerie (graduated in January 2024)

I never wanted this training to end! Jess put immense amounts of thought and love into it and it shows, from start to finish.

Bethany (graduated in October 2023)

It is really an AMAZING course that changed my practice, my knowledge about yoga, and most importantly - it changed me personally...

Agne (graduated in September 2023)

Meet Your Teacher and Mentors

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Many years ago, I used to think that yoga was just woo-woo. Then my mom got cancer and asked me to join her for restorative yoga classes at the hospital. These classes worked miracles for my mom, and they changed my life forever. I went on to become a rigorous practitioner, an insatiable seeker, dharma-driven teacher and, eventually, teacher's teacher.

More than 1 million yogis from around the world practice with me and my yoga has been featured in publications like Vogue, The Guardian, New York Magazine, USA Today, San Francisco Yoga Mag, YogiTimes and the Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast. You can find lots of classes and programs with me on DoYou and YouAligned.

I firmly believe in the transformative power of yoga. My mission with Movement Wisdom is to offer ivy-league level yoga education to anyone who has a true passion for yoga and wants to share it with their community.

My teaching is (and yours will soon be) ...

In my opinion, the world's best yoga teachers can teach Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Restorative Yoga, as well as breathwork, mindfulness and meditation. With this expert-level toolkit of practices, you can fuel your students' practice for a lifetime!
Backed by science
My teaching uses cutting-edge science on anatomy and movement that is very rarely taught to yoga teachers (but I will teach it to you in this course!). There is also tons of medical research to back up what and how I teach.
Inspiring and life-changing
I like my yoga classes to feel like a blend between a great workout and a life-coaching session. Using yogic wisdom and philosophy with a modern twist, I help my students work through blockages and challenges in their body as well as in their psyche.