Revolutionize your yoga. Become unstoppable. Then help others do the same!

Unleash your potential, advance your asana practice, transform your body, shift your perspective, and find your purpose. Then go and help others do the same. The Movement Wisdom 200 hour online yoga teacher training will close the gap between where you are with your yoga and where you want to be.
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What to expect

Drastically advance your asana practice

Perfect your posture

Avoid doing the poses wrong with bad technique and improper alignment, by learning one genius but little known method.

Learn 4 styles of yoga

The right style for every occasion: after this training you will be fluent in 4 different styles of yoga - Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.

Master advanced poses

Learn the insider secrets and vital missing cues that get you into poses you never thought you could do.

Become a top-level yoga teacher

10 steps ahead of the curve

Teach at an equal or higher level than your favorite yoga teachers who've been at it for decades.

Help every single student

Learn the fool-proof system that helps every single person in the room (including yourself) safely advance their physical practice.

Stand out from the crowd

Become one of the very few yoga teachers who can actually teach both yoga philosophy and movement science.

Uncover your inner radiance

Boost your gravitational pull

Become the type of person that everyone looks up to and wants to be around (aka: inspiring, relaxed and magnetic).

Go from Blah to Bliss

Everything sucks? Feeling cold and cynical? Change your negative thoughts and add deeper meaning to your life with powerful wisdom from the yogic sages.

Take care of yourself

Learn how to easily create a robust library of your own unique personal practices to keep you healthy, nurtured, and stress-free for life.

Are you a good fit?

This training is for you if ...


You crave a yoga deep-dive

You live and breathe yoga, and your regular studio or online classes can't take you to the next level. You're in the right place. Let's go deep!

You want to be your own boss

Your 9-5 leaves you lifeless. This training will put you light-years ahead in your teaching, setting you up for success as the CEO of your own yoga business.

Your 1st YTT was a fail

Most 200hr YTTs leave you feeling "less-than." Many of our students quit their first YTT and came to us for an unparalleled, ivy-league-level yoga education.

What Students Say

"So good I just cancelled my Netflix 🤣"

We receive lots of kind (and mostly unprompted) feedback from our amazing students
"This must be the best YTT on the market"
"Burnt-out executive is loving this training"
"I wasn't bored for a single second"
"Every single hour gives me sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!"
"I feel like I'm actually sitting in class"
"This course is incredibly brilliant"
" ... clear, thorough, engaging, thought-provoking, charmingly delivered, and up-to-date"
"Beyond everything that I have expected"
"If you're unsure which YTT to pick - this is the one!"
"I never wanted it to end"
"This course raises the bar for all educators"
"I’ve progressed so much in my physical practice!"
"Yet again, I was blown away"
"The training is my little oasis"
"I have just done wheel for the first time in 50 odd years!!!!"
"Words can not express how grateful I am"
"Fun, enjoyable and NOT SO SERIOUS…Thank goodness"

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Course Contents

Modern movement science meets ancient yogic wisdom


Asana Practice

Advance your yoga practice with 30 full-length classes created especially for this course. Practice new poses, techniques, sequences and yoga styles.

Asana Labs

Take an in-depth look at 100+ yoga poses and learn all the need-to-know info. Confidently use pose variations and modifications, including props.

Teaching Yoga

Gain mastery in all important aspects of teaching: cuing, sequencing, theming, observing, assisting, demonstrating, using your voice and so much more.

Yoga Anatomy

Don't be intimidated by anatomy! This course makes it practical, accessible and fun - yes, fun! You will learn how anatomy and yoga come together, based on the latest research.

Yoga Philosophy

Uncover the real meaning of yoga according to the ancient sages. Learn how to use this wisdom in modern times. Tons of practical takeaways and life-changing inspiration for your teaching.

Sutble Body

The invisible, powerful currents of life energy that run deep within your body are one of the most important aspects of original yoga. Learn to harness your own vital power and enhance your energy.


16 different styles of meditation from ancient, to Buddhist, to modern. Establish or expand your personal meditation practice and lead others. Know once and for all if you're "doing it right."


Yogis measure life in breaths rather than months or years. Expand your lifespan the yogic way with 12 different types of breathwork including detailed guidance.

Personal Growth

Yoga is the study of the Self. Everything in this training is developed to help you find your inner wisdom and develop your full potential. Uncover your true purpose and make life make sense.

Yoga Business

Understand the ins and outs of the yoga industry. Prepare yourself to run a successful yoga business, teach online, or share your passion at a local studio.

The Movement Wisdom Difference

The one and only training that gives you a complete yoga education

Do you know what makes yoga powerful? The fact that it is both physical and spiritual. Yoga is movement and wisdom. Yoga is philosophy in action!

Unfortunately, 90% of YTTs teach you neither the physical nor the spiritual aspects of yoga. Some teachers dive deep into either one or the other. But there isn't a single 200 hour YTT (as far as we know) that teaches both.

That's why we developed the Movement Wisdom 200 Hour YTT. It is the only training that gives you a complete yoga education.

This training
Physical YTTs
Spiritual YTTs
90% of YTTs
This training
Physical YTTs
Spiritual YTTs
90% of YTTs

Meet Your Teacher

Study with an international industry leader

1M+ students worldwide

Jess is famous for teaching on 2 of the most popular online yoga platforms. More than 1 million students from around the world trust her with their yoga.

A true yogi

Your education can only be as good as your teacher's. Jess has spent years studying philosophy in India, movement science in the US, and has taken 8 YTTs in every subject related to yoga.

Professional educator

Jess is more than a yoga teacher. She's a Camebridge-trained professional educator with more than 15 years of experience teaching people from all walks of life.

Program Design

This YTT is not just highly effective. It's tons of fun!

Never boring

Enjoy a diverse mix of different learning formats from prerecorded video and audio lectures to live teaching practices with your fellow students from all over the world.

Limitless flexibility

You can literally study whenever and wherever you want. All you need is (a minimum of) 4 hours per week.

Seamless experience

You can access the course on any your devices. Many of the lectures are even available via your favorite podcast app.

Movement Wisdom Community

Yoga Nerds Unite!

Always in good company

Hundreds of likeminded yogis from around the world (probably also in your city!) are waiting for you on our course and community platform.

Buddy Program

Our accountability buddies help each other stay motivated, accountable, and on track throughout the course. Let us connect you to a fellow student who is on a similar timeline to graduation.

Teacher's Club

Your 200 hour YTT is only the beginning. After graduation you can join the Movement Wisdom Teachers Club to kickstart your career.

Training Manual

450 page manual fully supports your learning

Capture the wisdom

Organize your ideas and record your personal insights on everything you are learning. Created to support your unique learning style.

Professional design

We know from experience that most YTT manuals look like lifeless Word documents from the 90s. Not this one! Your training manual is inspiring, creative, colorful and artistic.

1000+ high-res images

Your manual boasts beautiful worksheets and space for note-taking, plus more than 1,000 photographs and illustrations of poses, mudras, human anatomy and more

How it works

Simple, flexible, engaging


Get instant access

After you sign up we'll invite you to create an account on our course and community platform. That's where you get access to all training materials. The process is simple and straight-forward. Once in, you can get started with the training right away!

Enjoy the adventure

16 chapters of on-demand yogic wisdom to enhance your practice and your life. The only live elements are small group teaching practices on Zoom. We offer 6 to 7 sessions every week to fit your busy schedule.

Graduate when you're ready

Complete the course according to your unique schedule (most students finish in 4 to 6 months). Once graduated, we'll invite you to join our lively community of graduates. After graduation you are able to register with the Yoga Alliance (optional).

Common Concerns

Right now you might be wondering ...

I'm not sure if I want to teach.

Does it still make sense for me to take a yoga teacher training?

I'm super busy already.

How can I possibly fit 200 training hours into my schedule?

Yoga is a physical practice.

Can I really improve my poses and learn to teach online?

My last online course was super boring.

How do you keep students excited and on-track from start to finish?

100% yes!

Many (if not most) people who take a teacher training don't know if they want to teach yoga once they get certified. That's okay!

You have plenty of time to make up your mind. And even if you're sure that you don't want to teach yoga - taking this YTT is still the absolute best way to boost your personal yoga practice and evolve into a more centered, awake, and radiant version of your current self.

You can!

We've had everyone from high-ranking executives to stay-at-home moms with 4 little ones complete this training. If they can do it, you can too!

If you love yoga, this course makes it easy to put your YTT before Netflix with a minimum amount of discipline.

And since the contents are prerecorded, you can literally study whenever and wherever you want (aka bathtub study sessions and educational walks in the park :)).

And you know the best part? We've been told over and over that the Movement Wisdom 200 hour training doesn't drain your batteries. It recharges them!


Actually, there are some huge advantages to taking your yoga teacher training online:

  • a front-row-seat in every single lecture
  • the option to pause whenever you want & need to
  • the option to rewatch lectures, classes and workshops
  • permission to relax (no rushing to class, no worrying about how your hair looks, etc.)

Admittedly, giving you feedback on your practice is much quicker when we're in the same room. But don't worry, we've worked it out in an incredible way!

Check this!

This 200 hour YTT is binge-worthy, fun and inspiring. Read through testimonials from our past students to see that:

  • live teaching practices keep you engaged and inspired
  • Jess' personality and sense of humor make learning fun
  • the course contents are equal parts surprising and fascinating
  • challenging concepts are presented in an engaging, accessible way
  • since content is released bit by bit you won't feel overwhelmed
  • with lots of different learning formats, it never feels mundane
  • limitless flexibility makes it easy for you to complete lectures

Your Investment In Your Yoga

You pay just $5 per training hour

What's included

Enjoy lifetime access to all pre-recorded training components

Complete Yoga Anatomy Course (worth $545)

Complete Yoga Philosophy Course (worth $545)

Complete Teaching Yoga Course (worth $795)

Complete Subtle Body Course (worth $345)

Complete Personal Growth Course (worth $295)

Meditation training - 16 Tutorials (worth $295)

Breathwork training - 12 Tutorials (worth $245)

Pose Workshops - 117 Tutorials (worth $1495)

Business Of Yoga Basics Course (worth $295)

Asana Practice - 30 Yoga Classes (worth $495)

Yoga Q&A - Unrestricted access (worth $1195)

15 Hours of Live Teaching Practice (worth $595)

Certification as 200hr Yoga Teacher (worth $395)

Total course value

The total course value exceeds $7,500. These prices for the individual components are not random numbers. They are real (and fair) prices.

Your investment

But we want to make this life-changing program accessible to everyone with a true passion for yoga. So we charge less than a thousand bucks. That's almost a 90% discount! You pay just $5 for every training hour. And you keep access forever!


What you learn in this course will transform every aspect of your life - your view of the world, your relationships, your career path, your health, your self-esteem. Everything. If you show up for these 200 hours, you'll reap the rewards for your entire life!

Money-Back Guarantee

You have 7 days to test the program. It's highly unlikely, but in case you're not satisfied with the quality of the contents, we'll issue a full refund. No problem. No hard feelings.
This was my second YTT. I paid half as much as I did for the first one, but I got 10 times as much value!
Angel, Hong Kong
I cannot formulate how extraordinary this training is. If you're unsure what YTT to pick, this is the one!
Ida, Norway
I've learned so much about every aspect of yoga. But mostly I've learned who I am and who I want to be.
Aurore, Belgium

A message from Jess

Your personal and professional evolution starts here!

Hi friend,

Jess Rose here 😊

I used to think yoga was just woo-woo. Then, in 2009, my mom was given one month to live and asked me to join her for yoga classes at the cancer hospital. We started going daily and the classes worked miracles. Not just for my mom (who beat the odds and recovered). But also for me.

From non-believer to yoga addict

I was hooked. More than that, I was addicted. I had to learn everything I possibly could about yoga. Today - after tens of thousands of dollars, 10 teacher trainings, multiple extended trips to India, dozens of courses, hundreds of books, and countless hours of asana, breathwork and meditation practice - I am as addicted as ever.

From student to teacher

A few years in, I started teaching yoga to friends. A few years later I filled studio classes. Eventually, I was asked to teach on two popular yoga platforms (DoYou and YouAligned), and lead retreats and yoga teacher trainings all over the world. To date, I have taught more than 3,500 classes, and I'm incredibly honored that more than 1 million yogis from all over the world have practiced and studied with me.

From teacher to teachers' teacher

I still love teaching yoga. But you know what I love even more? Teaching others how to teach yoga. I feel that it is my dharma, my calling in life, to share my knowledge and help passionate yogis like yourself to spread the powerful movement practices and life-changing wisdom of yoga with their families, friends and communities.

An incredible shortcut

The Movement Wisdom 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is my proudest achievement. The program is an incredible shortcut for anyone who truly loves yoga. It is a condensed version of everything that I have learned over the past 15 years. It is absolutely unique because it puts equal weight on both the physical and the spiritual aspects of yoga. You won't find that in any other program. At least not at this level.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to join me and hundreds of like-minded yoga lovers on a fantastic voyage into the beating heart of yoga? I'm here to welcome you with open arms!

☞ If  your regular yoga classes don't cut it anymore, I got your back. Let's dive deep.

☞ If you’re done with your boring day job, let me show you how to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

☞ If you signed up for the wrong YTT the first time around, I'll teach you everything you're missing - and then some.

Yoga improved every aspect of my life. It will do the same for you. You're just 200 hours away from becoming an intelligent yoga practitioner, a stand-out yoga teacher, and a magnetic human being.

Show up for yourself today!

Sign up for your free VIP pass below and take a look behind the scenes of the training. You'll get instant access to a full Vinyasa Flow class, the ultimate guide on how to choose your YTT, lots of super helpful training content and more.

Lots of love,



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Free Yoga Class

Take a 60 min. yoga class with lead trainer Jess Rose

Training Videos

Learn some of the secrets of yoga that make this training unique

Student Journeys

Meet fellow students and hear them talk about their YTT journeys

Ultimate Guide

Listen to a 90 min. workshop on how to choose the right YTT
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